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Family Matters (Gerald West)

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Gerald With Wife Janice

It's been a year since Gerald's daughter Chelsi  graduated from Millsap College in Mississippi.  Chelsi has also returned from Albania where she studied as a Fulbight scholar.  Now she is about to begin studies for a master's degree at the Universiy of Texas/Austin.  Gerald now has a major reason to visit Texas more frequently.



As of July 3, Gerald will be spending more time on the golf course and performing "honey -do's."  Gerald's long career with Allstate has finally earned him retirement.  We hope to see more of Gerald especially since his daughter will be studying at UT in Austin.  Congratulations, Gerald, on a well-deserved retirement.
Check out "Graduates of 2009" for more news from the West family.

"Congratulations to Gerald West and his Wife on a job well done. My prayers are with you and your daughter."
                               -- Douglas McWilliams

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