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Most Deserving

     Our 40-year class reunion has come and gone.  It was our 4th class reunion  to occur within  a span of 40 years.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to our valedictorian and salutatorian Basil & Brenda (Collins) Steele for their contributions throughout the years.  Living all way in Albuequerque, New Mexico for the past 36 years, the Steeles have allowed neither  time nor  distance interfere with their commitment to our class.  They have been actively involved in planning each reunion.  

        I  clearly recall  when  the time arrived to plan our 10-year reunion -- 1981. The Steels were in Dallas visiting their family.  However, they took out time to meet with a few other classmates. We met at my  small apartment over on Fitzhugh. Then we eventually moved to the MLK Center where  we selected Rita Bacon Hughes  to take  over as chairperson.  Since that time, the Steeles have continued to donate their time, creative talent, and finances to make each reunion a specially  memorable event. They have even involved their  graphic artist son Basil, Jr. who converted our entire  yearbook into a slide presentation. 

       Basil has been in charge of making slides presentatios for each reunion. He has graduated from the  the carousel slide shows to the more technologically advanced computer PowerPoint.  We have especially appreciated the memorial slides  he has made in honor of our deceased classmates. 

For the past two reunions both Basil & Brenda have designed, printed, and financed our name tags. This task took months to prepare.  Throughout the years, the Steels were raising two children.  Basil was traveling all over the world with his company Sandia Laboratories.  Brenda was both librarian and stay-at-home mom. Despite their busy lives, the Steels never compromised their dedication to the Class of 1971

     Our only regret is that we did not honor the Steele at the reunion. But that did not stop the planning  committee from getting a plaque made and mailing it.  Basil & Brenda were accommodatng enough to take a picture of the plaque as well as having someone take of picture of them holding the plaque.  This plaque is only a token of our deep appreciation to Basil & Brenda for their loyaltyu to our class and to our alma mater Lincoln High School.

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