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Here is the second part of our African American Trivia.  How did you do on Part 1?  We hope you do even better this time.  We have all just witnessed a first in NFL-African American  history.  For the first time a team coached by an African American has won the  Super Bowl.  Not only that.  The contender is also an African American  coach.  What do you know about Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith ?  Identify each coach by matching him with the appropriate description.
ANSWERS IN BLUE.    D = Dungy;  S = Smith

1.  A native of Big Sandy, Texas (born in Gladewater) S
2.  A native of  Jackson, Michigan.  D
3.  As a freshman, started  as quarterback for the  University of Minnesota  D
4.  Played defensive back for the University of Tulsa  S
5.  Has 3 sons and twin grandsons S
6.  Hired as assistant coach for Pittsburg Steelers in 1981  D
7.  2005 Associated Press NFC Coach of the Year S
8. Became assistant coach for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996  S
9.  Has 2 daughters & 3 sons.  D
10.  2001-2003 defensive coordinator for St. Louis Rams  S
11.  Big contributor to the American Diabetes Association S
12.  Helped create Basket of Life to benefit children in hospital  D
13.  Suffered the loss of a son  D
14.  At age 25 became the youngest assitant coach in NFC  D
15.  Led his high school football team to 3 consecutive state championships  S
16.  In high school played both football and basketball D
17.  51-years-old D (Correction: He's 50
18.  48-years-old  S

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Tony Dungy -- Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl XLI Champions




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Lincoln High School History
(Look below)

Lovie Smith - Chicago Bears




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Lincoln High School History -- ANSWERS IN  BLUE
Like you did on the previous African -American
trivia page, identify each faculty member and match him/her with the appropriate description.
A.  Believe it or not I am still on the faculty of Lincoln High School  Picture # 4  -- Mr. George Bowdre has been at Lincoln for a  little over 40 years.
B.  I was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce. Picture # 2 -- Mrs. Erma Briley-Victor
C.  While at Prairie View, I was a track star.  Picture # 3 --- Mr. Otto M. Fridia (Now we know  why Mr. Fridia was able to catch up with all those hookey shooters  who took off for the cemetery).
D.     I was on the first faculty of Lincoln High School Picture # 1 -- Mrs. Josie Washington taught at Lincoln from 1938 to 1971 (33 years)