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Arts  & Entertainment
     Since this is the season of Grammy & Oscar recognition, let's test our knowledge of African-Americans who have excelled in the arts.   

Paul Laurence Dunbar (in all blanks)
1.  __________ was born to former slaves in 1872 in Dayton, Ohio. ________ became one of the most famous and beloved African-American poets of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Between 1893 and 1905, _______ published 14 books. This number was not topped by an African-American writer until 1950.

4.  Who wrote the script for the 1975 hit, Cooley High? Eric Montes

2.  Singer-actor Paul Robeson starred in the musical Showboat in 1928, singing his famous rendition of which song? Ol' Man River

5.  Denzel Washington played in what 1981 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Charles Fuller? A Soldier's Story  --  DEnzel also won the Best Suppoting Actor's Academy Award for his role in "A Soldier's Story."

3.  The Harlem Renaissance, a period of artistic flowering among African-American writers and artists that was centered in Harlem, occurred roughly during which decade? 1920s
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6.  . Who was the only other black actress to win the Academy Award's Best Supporting Actress Oscar since Hattie McDaniel in 1939?  Whoopi Goldberg won the Oscar for her  1990 role in "Ghost."  However, just  last week Jennifer Hudson became the third Afrcan-American to win the Best Supporting Actress Award for her part in "Dream Girls."

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Lincoln  High School History
1.  What was the address of Lincoln during the time we attended?  5000 Oakland Ave.
2.  From where did Lincoln get its name? Lincoln was named after  the community where it was built -- Lincoln Manor. 
3.  In chronological order, name each of Lincoln's principals up to the year we graduated.  T. D. Marshall, H.I. Holland, Otto M. Fridia, Frederick Todd.
4.  Which  of these principals  is a Lincoln graduate? Frederick Todd
5.  Which Lincoln graduate became the first female to sign on to Blue Note Records?  Bobbie Humphrey
6.  The blank space in the ad below hides the  name of a Lincoln alumnus.   She was crowned "Miss Lincoln" during her day. "Miss Lincoln" 1965-1966

  The Dallas Jazz Orchestra

3rd Annual  Shirley Tennison McFatter

High School Jazz Vocal Solo Contest

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