Senior Sweethearts in 1971

Glovers  Still  Lovers 

     When they  posed for this picture back  in 1971, Gregory Glover and Loretha Lewis no doubt had no idea that they would be happily married in 2007.   On July 8 the Glovers  celebrated their 34th wedding anniverary.  Within these 34 long years together as husband and wife, Greg & Loretha raised two beautiful daughters, Kim & Tracy.  Following their parents foot steps, Kim & Tracy are also happily married.  Kim has two daughters and Tracy has three. Surrounded by a family of women, Greg has got to be the luckiest man in the world!

Married Couple in 2007

     To support his family, Greg has been employed with the City of Dallas for the past 20 years.  He serves as supervisor in the Code Enforcement department.  Loretha has her in-home child care service.  The Glovers enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren in the comfort of their beautiful Oak Cliff home.

Glover Family at 20-Year Reunion

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Beautiful Glover Offsprings


Tracy  the Bride & Kim the  Matron of Honor

Baby's First Steps

<--------------    Sweet Little Madison (1-year-old),
 Daughter of Tracy

Which Will Be Crowned Miss Black America of 2026?

Kim's Daughters: Destiny (Age 5), Katera (Age 7), & Taylor (far right -- Age 11);  Tracy's other daughter: Tashawna (2nd from right -- Age 7)

    When asked the secret to staying together for such a long time, Greg replied, "I have to remember that I married my best friend."  Congratulations, Greg & Loretha,  for 34 wonderful years of marriage and for success in raising two beautiful daughters.