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Hail Lincoln High!                   Our Alma Mater


 Hail to thee, Lincoln!
 Proudly we sing
As we tread thy pathways of glory and fame.  Upholding thine  honor is our sacred trust.  This is our motto "Conquer!  We must!" Hail!  Three times hail to our dear school
  Lincoln High


We're mighty tigers
Fearless and strong!
We'll ne'er give up 'til the vic'try is won!
With valor and courage we strive with our might!
Holding  our banner high , the purple and white
Hail!  Three times hail to our dear school
Lincoln High.


We pledge to be faithful
With heart and with hand
To thee, dear Lincoln
The best school in the land.
We will extol thee, be loyal, and true.
And cherish forever our fond mem'ries of you.
Hail!  Three times hail to our dear school
Lincoln High.

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