Lincoln High Class of '71

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Classmate Profile -- Elloise Dotson Anderson

Elloise Publishes Her First Novel

Our Resident Novelist

Good Reading!

     A few years ago we discovered that Michael Ellis was a published poet.  We even featured some of his poems on our website.   Now we have another classmate who has distinguished herself as a writer.  I speak of Elloise Dotson Anderson who just recently published her first novel Finally Got You Now But Be Careful What You Pray ForThis book is sure to hold your attention.  While  reading Elloise's  book, I felt right at home.  For one thing, the entire story takes place in Dallas, the city where I grew up.    Elloise so cleverly weaves in familiar Dallas landmarks such as the West Dallas Projects, Highland Hills, Parkland Hospital, and Glendale Park.  Another familiar element is the time period.  The story traces a family through three generations -- from 1976 to the present day.  The most important element is how Elloise portrays her characters.  These characters and their issues  are so believable. It is as if I was watching "The Color Purple,"  "Soul Food," or a Tyler Perry movie on the big screen.   There are people among my family and friends who remind me so much of the cast in Elloise's book. 

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     The main theme of the book centers around  how a dysfunctional  family manages to survive despite the many  difficult challenges.  Although Elloise sets her novel in Dallas, it portrays life among poor but hard-working African-Americans in general.  Elloise  shows how  well she understands the dynamics within a dysfunctional family.  In the story we see a family's struggles with  teen pregnancy, extra-marital affairs, divorce, same-sex relationships, alcoholism, common illnesses,  unemployment, and crime.  But thanks to the powerful influence of the matriarch, the family is able to emerge stronger particularly in the spiritual sense.   

     We congratulate Elloise in her bold attempt to paint a vivid picture of one aspect of American life.  Books can be ordered online.  Just go to and type in the title and author.  Elloise states that more books will not be available until July.  In the meantime, she is working on a second novel Leon.  We'll provide details as they become available.

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